Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen Part 1

So, with all the major outside work done for the moment it was time to turn attention inside. This is how the kitchen looked when we purchased the house.It had all the original appliances from 1974. And not all of them were working, or working the way they should. The oven was dead. The stove would work but then would have little explosions and throw fire in your face. The fridge kept moaning at us, you could tell it was not long for this world. The dishwasher worked, but did not clean. And for me the orange plastic panel had to go. We purchased a new fridge with ice maker, so we needed to get a water pipe installed to the fridge. The old dishwasher pipe was hard mounted into the old dishwasher so that needed to be redone also, so while we were at it we decided we might as well move the appliances. As we did, the counters and cabinets fell. We also soon realized the old pipe codes for the oven and stove were 1/2 inch piping and now the code is 3/4 inch, so we needed to have someone come in and run new gas lines. And then we thought a doggie door would be a nice touch! Jonathan did that himself!Lilibelle and Angel picked right up on how to use it and loved flying down the stairs into the back yard. Moe, not so much. We fenced in a small area for them to run around in , but Moe is scared of the stairs. He has gone up and down a couple of times but mostly sits on the porch watching the others run around and play. It's so sad, we need to work on that! We have a little time to help him while we wait for the tile and cabinets to arrive!
It's coming together!

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