Thursday, February 02, 2012

Happy February!

Wow, time really does fly! We became the proud owners of a vacation home in CT on December 18th and I have spent most of my time since then up there! Arielle will be living up there full time with her dog, Lilibelle, while going to school and I will be a frequent visitor! Ted got to see the house before he went back to CA, but can't wait for him to spend some time up here with us!

Angel and Moe were not too sure about sleeping on air mattresses but they adjusted quite quickly! Lillibelle and Arielle settled right in!
No internet was hard on all of us!
Angel and Moe were more upset that their were no stockings with bones for them. We made it up to them!

I'm back in New Jersey and looking forward to seeing everyone again, and BEADING!

Enjoy, gv

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