Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pix of Bracelets for Diane

This is the Troll Bracelet with tons of beads -

and this is the Pandora -

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving afternoon after Ted had his nap.
Ted started showing Dad his turkey carving skills!
Moe was hoping some scraps would fall!
Angel didn't have a chance!
Finally, time to eat!
The next day we did our part for the economy on black friday!
Saturday we went into the city to see Young Frankenstein, it was great!
We strolled up Broadway to Columbus Circle. We went into the mall on the circle and it was snowing inside!
And, there was an amazing light show!
We continued our stroll up Colulmbus to Betsey Johnson to find Arielle some dresses!!!
Ted and Arielle spoofed my childhood with matching outfits for me!!!! They are amazing!
Arielle found 2 which I can't reveal yet, but we found this wonderful matching accessory!
Ted and Jonathan were very happy to be here!
It was time for some Dim Sum at China Fun.
Kinda made the memories of shopping fade a bit.
Then we caught the bus for back home.
Ted, resting up for his journey back to California in the morning!
We all agreed it was the best Thanksgiving Weekend Ever!!!!

Found Object Charm Bracelet & Journal Round Robin

I made this bracelet with vintage buttons. It has a clasp on each end which attaches onto jumprings on the journal.
The journal is an altered children's board book.
Using another button, I made my first charm for another player.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Therapy Pets!

From left to right - Jen and Moose, an English Bull Mastiff; Janet and Chloe, a boxer; Sharon and Spencer, a boxer; Gretchen and Sargeant, a boxer; Jayne and Harley, a Rottweiler; Beth and Mylee, a Shorkie; and that's my Angel, a Schnoodle, in the center.

Arielle and Moe - Just needed to add these!

October's Freak Snow Storm

It had been beautiful fall weather, with glorious foilage.

And then a cold front came in with wet snow and low temperatures.

First the heavy wet snow built up on the fall leaves.

Then everything started to freeze.

The branches couldn't withstand the weight, and they all started to fall down. This one actually fell on my car.

They closed the roads and thousands were without power.

It was eerie driving down the roads not knowing if a tree was going to snap.

The following day you could see the devastation, and the remaining magnificent fall foilage.

It was amazing, trees literally snapped in half.

We have a herd living in our backyard!

Catching Up

In May, Arielle got her driving permit and a car!

May 27 - Arielle's High School Orchestra was invited to perform at Lincoln Center's Avery Fischer Hall. What an amazing experience!

I'm lucky, Arielle was easy to see standing at the timponi!

June saw my 27th wedding anniversary! Hubby sent me 27 red roses.

Arielle, took photos of the boys!

& Angel

And then, here's a picture I took.....

August brought the start of marching band season!

The Pit Crew
Lisa, Jim, Dan, Mike, Jonathan, Gail, Manuel, Jeff, Susan and Rich

The end of September
brought this creepy site.

They perched on my roof and refused to leave for HOURS!!!!