Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So much for my monthly check-in. I've been cleaning out my craft room, have lots of stuff to get rid of! Check my picturetrail account and let me know if you are interested in anything!
This was the beautiful sunrise that greeted me when I opened my front door. I just needed to capture that moment.

Hubby built me a new computer, I lost a lot of emails and stuff....but, the new computer should run smoothly. I don't have all the software and stuff loaded yet, but it's really cool looking!

So, What have I been up to?
Regional Choir for Arielle is over, Marching Band has started up, Fencing season is over and soon we'll be in the process of visiting colleges where Ted was accepted to help him make his decision. Right now it's spring break and Ted is in Belarus fencing and Arielle is in Italy and Austria performing at festivals with the Marching Band.
So, what have I been up to now that I'm not driving them all over the place? I've been cleaning and hanging out at home. I sent the quilt I've been working on to get hand-quilted, can't believe it will be finished!!!! Getting ready for the June TAC convention and Doll U which is in August.
Kids both return on Saturday and I'll be gone again. But this time I'll be zipping around in my new car! I got a shiny black Infiniti FX 45!!!! I'd take a picture but my daughter took my camera....so next time! Enjoy! gv