Saturday, July 25, 2009

Catching Up - a few from Florida

Went to visit my folks in Florida and went for walks here at Green Cay.
It was a beautiful day!
My sister came down for a few days

my folks walk here all the time!

After mom wanted to take me to a bead shop. This was my sister's first time ever to a bead shop....she managed to have fun and shop!

There was a party at the club house....woooo hoooo!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching Up - Doll Cruise in March!

There is nothing like a cruise with 60 fellow doll artists!! We went to Peurto Rico, St. Martaan and St. Kitts with teachers Patti Culea, Elinor Peace Bailey, Barbara Willis and Gail Wilson.
This is the doll from Barbara Willis' Class
We went to the Batik Factory, which is really a store.......
But the scenery was beautiful and the trip was fun!
I figured out what I want for my next birthday......
Our ship, the Celebrity Stolstice was in it's inaugural year and always the biggest one at every port!
I was really trying to figure out how I could smuggle these home with me!
The exact same instructions, completely different results!
Beth finished the doll in Gail Wilson's class.....she's so pretty!
Patti's dolls

Some of Elinor's artistry
We were exhausted, but happy!!!!
The only thing I managed to finish in my almost 3 weeks away!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching Up - February!

I was in a charm bracelet round robin - the first bracelet theme was mixed metals and i made the charm on the right of the bracelet with the seed beads and findings.

The next bracelet theme was blues. I felted the blue heart.
And this is the back of my charm.
I think the theme for this was memories. I did the bottle cap charm with a picture of her dog.
February 6th was Arielle's 17th birthday. And she got her driver's license that day!
Chris baked Arielle some birthday cupcakes and came over that evening to celebrate!
The annual picture with birthday bunny!
The following morning Arielle drove off on her own!
Some beaded pendants I made, new technique for me!!!!

The boys relax while I play!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up - January!

My sister Diane stopped by to sample some of Jonathan's Wine!

We had a great season with snow, and Angel and Moe loved frolicking in it!

Moe kept trying to catch snowflakes with his was quite the site to see!

Ted came home and had lasik, the world is much more clear now!

Catching Up - December!

december saw me celebrating my 50th birthday.

We had a great family holiday and everyone enjoyed their gifts!

i made this set of bangles for a friend.....very sparkly!

arielle took me into the city to celebrate my birthday. we had fun playing with make up, and then she took me to see spring awakening.

we had dinner at olive garden, it's our tradition!