Friday, September 30, 2011

Some New Class Photos!

Here are 2 projects from a Beaded Cabochon Class:

Cheryl's viking knit earrings, hope to have some more Viking Knit photos for you soon!

Wire Crochet seems to be the hot class of the moment! This is what I came up with - And here is what my wonderfully talented students came up with -We had lots of fun also!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party REVEAL!!!!

So, I finally received my soup and had all of 10 days to work with it! Thank goodness I didn't have to miss out on this! This party has 362 artists participating from 21 countries on 5 different continents! Going to have fun blog hopping to see everyone's creations!

(Click on the images to see larger pictures!)

Finished the ring last night. Beautiful heart shaped focal, made into a very organic feeling ring. Around the edge are size 15 charlotte sterling silver beads and in the corner are a cluster of size 2MM Swarovski crystals. I'm wearing this all day and smiling!

I'm so happy with my pieces! Thank you Genea Crivello-Knable for being a most awesome partner! And thank you Lori McDaniel Anderson for hosting this party!

Genea wanted to see the ring on my fingers, so here it is! I love it, it makes me smile!

This piece uses the wonderful lentils, headpins and toggle that my partner, Genea Crivello-Knable sent to me. I made 4 beaded beads with Swarovski, some from Lori McDaniel Anderson, and seeds. The wonderful netted beads are my adaptions of a pattern from Sabine Lippert.

I peyoted the focal bead and hung a heart head pin. I used a spiral rope stitch with swarovski crystals. The lampwork design is amazing, I just wish you could see the details!

I tried so very hard to get the colors to show, they are so beautiful!

You can ge a better idea from this picture, but it is still so much more gorgeous in person!

I thought the colors outside would pop, the lentil swirls are amazing!

The colors are so rich, and so my colors!

My boys were really not interested in taking pictures!

I tried very hard to get them involved and focus on me and my jewelry!

I wanted to see their beautiful faces accent the beautiful beads!

I decided to give up on the boys and focus again on the jewelry!

You can see a little bit more of the colors in the lentils here.

Angel got bored....

and Moe found something much more interesting!

I am almost done with one more project and hope to have that here soon!

You can check out what my partner did with the beads I sent her by going to this site -

she takes amazing photographs! And she does fabulous work! She has a wonderful etsy shop, that I'll be buying more beads from!!!

Hope you enjoyed my soup projects!

Enjoy and Happy Beading, gv

Saturday, September 10, 2011

For those of you on FaceBook

Sign onto my Michaels Page for Classes, it has tons of pictures and inspirations! I'm hoping this is easier for class notifications then scrolling through the blog.

You can friend me also if you would like! Enjoy and Happy Beading, gv

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Photos from last week's Classes

My friend Beth came over and did some dapping! She is amazingly creative!

Maureen did some Viking Knit!

Laurie took both Fundamentals of Wire Wrapping and Bead Stringing!

Carol and Harley took Fundamentals of Wire Wapping

And Zenaida took the Triple Strand Bead Stringing!

It was a busy week, and we made some beautiful jewelry! Enjoy, gv

Bead Soup Is HERE !!!!!!

So, after 21 days missing my original package arrived to me! You can see a picture of that soup in the previous post!

Meanwhile, Our hostess sent me some beads to play with while they were lost. A wonderful mix of beads, crystals and components!

And my AMAZING partner sent a replacement package that brought tears to my eyes! She created my beloved winged hearts.

I also received what I purchased from Genea's etsy shop that were the matching beads to what we thought were lost forever.

So, now I have an amazing amount of bead soup from which I need to create something fabulous and worthy....with less than 10 days.....

let's see what I can come up with! Happy Beading! Enjoy, gv