Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching Up!

This last visit up to CT we reunited Arielle with her marimba! It was so nice to see her play and hear the music throughout the house! It was lovely!

Arielle made an appearance at a Fair for the Diabetes Foundation and while there someone tried to steal her crown! And then someone actually got it!

Arielle has been having fun on photo shoots! This is one of my absolute favorites!

In January Arielle started school at Western Connecticut State University and we went on a tour of the campus, and I forgot my camera! This was taken with my iphone....I'll have to go back and take some more pictures when I get a chance! It is so beautiful up here!

Lilibelledoes not always bring out Moe's best side!

For Arielle's birthday we went to the Museum of Natural History and visited the Butterflies! Everyone should do this if given the chance, it's a magical experience!

I saw this at the gift shop and it made me chuckle! Fish Kabobs, hahahahahahahahaha!

Then I got home, found my camera and became intrigued by my boys!!

Wish I had some photos of Ted to share with you all, hopefully soon!

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