Thursday, January 26, 2006

welcome to my nightmare

we've been staying at the local hampton inn while our floors were being redone. i pulled up to my house the first morning and this is what i saw. there were 2 huge unclosed bags of garbage on my driveway which the wind blew everywhere. last september we ripped up all the carpet in our upstairs and then in november we ripped up all the carpet in our downstairs.

we were assured that we could restain our existing wood to match our new wood. well, the first thing i noticed - the new floor on the left and the stained floor on the right do not match at all. i was told after the first coat of varnish it would look different.

i then noticed burn marks from the sander on my floor. no problem, he'll fix them after the first coat of varnish.

then i noticed huge "blobs" of stain.....and why is my molding pink?

the base of my kitchen cabinet was ruined. along with the door molding. and what's with the stain missing and streaking?

welcome to my nightmare.

my stairs are a completely different color. my rails aren't even done!

and why are footprints on my wall?????

i'm getting the wood ripped up and new floors put in, hopefully next week. my floors, cabinets, molding are RUINED!!!

i'm going to go work on the fringe for my shawl now.....and think happy thoughts

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