Wednesday, January 18, 2006

january 18

i'm going to consider this artwork! i have been collecting um's forever with hopes of mounting them. i wood mount all my stamps, yeah i'm so old school. so first i have to look through every one of them to make sure they're still wanted! the ums not wanted get scanned and listed on a swap board.

the ones i'm keeping go onto foam cushion, gets trimmed and measured to get the correct size mount. then i stamp the image onto the wood. (i've been using staz-on with great success.) the rubber then gets mounted onto the wood and voile! i have a stamp ready to use....well, almost!

i scan each of my stamps and keep track of them by category and company on my computer. i love being able to view them on my computer with ease instead of searching through the bins. i also find when i have a certain stamp in mind for a project i end up being inspired by others!

so finally, when i'm done with the computer work they get sorted into bins by category on my wall of stamps until i'm ready for them to come out and play! i've been doing this for about 5 days now.

i'm taking breaks to go to fencing meets for my son and choral programs for my daughter. i've been knitting while i'll have something else to show y'all soon! enjoy!

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  1. WOW - I thought I had lots of stamps!!! LOL
    I have mounted some of my unmounted ones onto old wood pieces, some I use on those acrylic static pieces....still like the wood the best, but when you can't always find the wood....
    Would LOVE to see your list of swap outs....