Wednesday, January 11, 2006

january 10, 2006

someone asked to see my purple kitchen - so here it is! my floors are being redone. they were supposed to start on tuesday. hopefully they will show up next week! we have put in all the kitchen fixtures and changed all the knobs. next i hope to lighten my cabinets, put in different counter tops and then get new appliances!

there's a little hall in the back of this picture that leads to my office on the right. there is also a little bathroom there.

here it is, ta dah! no, this is not my! the bathroom has been painted with one of those fancy technique from the paint store. (i love my string curtain!)

you can kind of see the brush strokes, yes?

this is hanging on the wall opposite the candle holders. this photo was take by my friend Amy Scheld. i fell in love with it and asked for a copy. they are all rusted "beauty" type cans. the hairspray can label says "just wonderful!" i love it!

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  1. Wow, gv, I always knew I'd be comfy in your home, but now I can really feel the happy, smart, and loving vibes of you and your family. Thanks for the tour!