Friday, January 06, 2006

january 2, 2006

my house is a work in progress. i will consider it artwork as it gets my creative juices going!

this tray was made from an old mirror that i took out of the frame and put on a piece of wood. i added 4 large wooden balls that i painted black for feet. i glued on beads around the edge until i was happy. the cake is made from silk flowers, petals, ribbon and trim. arielle made the smaller piece. you can see the wooden feet on the small mirror tray her piece is on.

i re-uphostered my 6 dining room and 4 kitchen chairs with a velour animal print.

with the leftover fabric i recovered my chandelier shades. it cried out for some tassel trim and maribou!

i had crackled my dining room table. the base coat is a metallic copper and the top coat is my favorite color - black! i'm hoping to get to my breakfront soon!!!!


  1. ohmygod those chandelier shades are a scream. You are priceless, gv

  2. The chandelier is fabulous! I love it, and it goes splendidly with that crackled table, what a great effect that is.