Thursday, February 02, 2006

well, had another crew come out to fix up my floor and they refused to do the job. he would only use a sawsall (sp?) around the cabinets as hand sawing would not be cost effective for him. he couldn't promise my cabinets would remain intact. i thanked him for his time and now i have another crew coming out to assess the damage on tuesday. you can see angel and i are at least taking advantage of playing in the open spaces.

as for artwork, i've hit the 3000 mark in wood mounting my stamps and have finished my friend's shawl. i'll have to get a picture of it for y'all soon.

i hate excuses, but it really is hard for me to get to my art supplies at the moment. were you wondering where they all were during this?

i spent a little time browsing art supplies on line - take a peek at my wish list link!!!

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