Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cheesemakers for a day!

Through the Make-A-Wish foundation Jonathan and I bid on and won an apprenticeship at Beecher's Cheese  We got to NYC early on a Saturday morning - Look how empty those streets are!
Love this shot!

Here are some of the cheeses they produce and carry.

It's fun being in a store before it is open to the public!

Here I am suited up.  The milk has been pasturized and loaded in the container.  Bacteria and renin have been added.

Then you cut the curd, stir the curds, and then transfer them to the next container.

The whey gets drained and the curds get formed into cubes.

The cubes get cut and stacked.

Then turned and restacked.

Then turned and stacked again.  It's back breaking work and Matt and  Kevin who worked with us are in great shape!  No gym memberships needed for cheesemakers!
Jonathan's stack is on the left, the professional stack is to the right.  Can you see any difference?

The cubes are broken back into curds, salted and put into bins.

The bins are compressed to extract more of the whey, but some of the curds are sold at this point.  They are pretty tasty!

After compression, the cheese is taken out of the bins and wrapped and sealed for the aging process.

The curds (we just made) are packaged and sold.
Some of the cheese is aged for 18 months, some for 4 years.  And here is what our cheese will be when it grows up!  Cheddar!

We met our friends for dinner and walked around the city a little bit.

The Flatiron building.

The Metropolitan building.

Only in NYC!

Heading back to get our stuff from Beecher's

If you are ever on 20th and Broadway, stop by!  You can have lunch there and watch the cheesemakers or go into the cellar at night for dinner!

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