Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Weekend at Creativity by the Sea

Arielle and I went to an art retreat called Creativity by the Sea in Ocean Grove, NJ.  We stayed at the Albatross Hotel, and that is the Atlantic Ocean right at the end of the street.

The houses architecture were amazing!  I need to go back when tent city is in full bloom!

Our first class was with chef Oleg Scorpan at Devil's Food Bakery.  
We learned so much about baking and cooking with chocolate!

Chef's berry on left, Arielle's in the middle and mine on the right.

We made chocolate bags, how awesome is that!

This is what we got to go home with, and then they surprised us with more stuff in the box!

The next day was our class with Kecia Deveney soldering ceramics with bits and baubles.

This is Arielle's finished piece.

It was a perfect weekend!

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